Straw Bale Gardening…What???!!!!

“You can’t grow anything on straw!!!”

So said a seasoned gardener to me.

“Yes, you can.” I whipped out my phone and brought up a snap of Joel Karsten’s lush crops waving in the wind.

“Are you telling me that’s growing on straw?”


“Bah! Yer ‘avin me on…”

As he turned away I quickly added:

“Well, it’s not just plain straw. You do have to do a few things to it first.”

“Like cover it with soil?”

“No! Let me explain.”

And so it was that I initiated him in the wonderful world of straw bale organic gardening – a seriously toil-free way to garden naturally.

Please check out the website of Joel Karsten, the man who put straw bale gardening on the map.

Here’s a great beginner’s guide if you’re brand new to all this!